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Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Sri Lanka Day One

An amazing first day I have to say. What really was crazy about it was travelling with my brother. You can think of the most craziest thing that could happen. But for me, it was pretty fun in many ways.

For starters, I haven't really do much. We touch down at 5.30pm Sri Lanka time which is about 8.00pm Malaysia time. Arrived at the hotel around 7pm had dinner then me and my baby bro went walking by the beach. It was dark so no idea how the beach is like but I could feel the soft fine sand on my feet.

What really did hit me was when I was walking along the beach, I came across one lovely old lady. It was dark at first so I couldn't really make out that she was a lock or tourist. But after saying hi, and some small talk, she is indeed a lovely middle age women from California who works in south India. What really surprise me was her occupation. Everyone knows I love dogs. That is what made me walk up and talk to her. She has these 6 beautiful dogs around her. They were like family to her. And Indeed, she works with dogs in India. She comes to home to her husband who works here in Sri Lanka.

What is fascinating about her was her passion. Her passion she had with dogs. She study them, learn their language and know what were their behavior. She was just one simply amazing women. Now lying here on my bed, I reflect that we humans, are easily side track with what our passion is. Or maybe it is just me. Not putting any judgement but in many ways, I think whenever I am feeling tired or miserable with my health condition, it always cloud my mind. I lost track of what I really love doing.

Maybe what I am trying to say is I should really have a little more faith in what my passion is. Knowing what I wanted to do always. Yes, it won't be n easy task, but to thrive and succeed, I need to put my mind in what I love doing, I know that in many ways, saying is easier than done. But how long more I still wanna give that excuse myself?

So in short, I know all I wanna do now is sleep. But my mind is telling otherwise. So good night y'all. A long journey to Kandy tomorrow. Can't wait for the new adventure begins. End of day one.


  1. Very nice~

    Enjoy your holiday ye

    By they way, I really like your blog, especially your music selection... Love them all =D

    safe journey =)

  2. Gifts from Sri Lanka and all other places you'll be visiting please. Thank you.


  3. JokerPJ, Thanks loads buddy!!!

    Thanks.. but i think the playlist wont be changing till I get back in Jan. Thanks a lot..

    AD!!! I will get you if I get all my ice cream in Jan! :P



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