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Monday, December 3, 2012

Emirates Wants More Airbus A380

Speaking at an industry conference in Seattle, Emirates President Tim Clark said on Thursday that his airline
would be willing to buy another 40 of the double-decker jet.

But there's one problem: Dubai's airport, where Emirates is based, does not have enough room for the planes, made by the Airbus unit of Europe's EADS.

Emirates already has 90 of the jets on order, making it the largest customer for the A380, which has a list price of $390 million. So far, the airline has 23 of the 525-seat jets in service.

Emirates had 23 of the super jumbo jets in service at the end of August. In 2010, Clark said he wanted to buy 120 of the aircraft, surprising the aviation world.

If Emirates carried out its ambition of operating a fleet of 130 A380s, adding 40 to its current order of 90, it would control a fleet worth over $50 billion at list prices and extend its dominance as the European plane maker's largest customer.

Clark also said he thinks the proposed $45 billion merger of defense company BAE Systems Plc and Airbus parent EADS could be a positive.

Airbus is based in France.

Clark also directed comments at American plane manufacturer Boeing. He prodded Boeing to disclose what's next for the 777, of which Emirates is the biggest customer.

"We're pushing very hard to come up with a successor to it," Clark said.

Emirates has nearly 200 of the big Boeing jets in service or on order. The 777 is Boeing's most profitable jet because it was considered fuel efficient.

Clark and other airline executives have asked Boeing to add seats to the 777.

No alliances will be joined

Emirates Airlines President Tim Clark said on Thursday that the carrier will continue to shun the three worldwide airline alliances that many of its competitors have joined.

"It is our view that the major alliances do not always operate in the interests of the travelling public, having found very cozy nests in their respective hubs," Clark said during a speech to the International Aviation Club in Washington, D.C.

StarAlliance, SkyTeam, and oneworld have dozens of members across the world.

Clark on Wednesday inaugurated Emirates' first non-stop flight from Washington Dulles International Airport to Dubai.

"Were we a member of Star, I am confident there would be no Emirates flight to Dulles," he said. "Star leadership in Frankfurt and Chicago would have vetoed the plans."

Among Star Alliance's members are Chicago-based United Airlines and Frankfurt-based Lufthansa Airlines.

He did say that the airline would pursue individual partnerships and codeshares as it has with Australia's Qantas Airways.

Clark also disputed what he called the "myth" that Emirates receives state subsidies as other Middle Eastern airlines do.

"Let me state clearly and without qualification: Emirates is opposed to all forms of state aid," he said. "We believe in open markets and businesses based on rational commercial fundamentals, regardless of shareholding. Airlines which are artificially supported distort fair competition."

He said Emirates was committed to expanding to more U.S. Cities


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