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Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Warmth In The Cold

As time goes by, the weather in India is getting colder and colder by the day. But after days without Internet connection, all warm messages from friends always warm my heart. One that really touched me was from Mr D. His Christmas wishes isn't anything fancy nor tacky. But what makes me feels great was what we had.

It was a good year for us so far. Our ups and down. It makes life way much easier for us. In many ways. But I just don't know why, it just helps a lot. Looking back, time just really flew and in between all of us, that bond was the thing that brought this warmth to me in this very cold night.

I haven't talked to my dearie Rainer so far since she got engaged. So much I wanna talk to her. I still haven't got the time to sit down and talk to her alone. I miss all those crazy beautiful days. But I know she has a real hectic schedule. She will be leaving for Melbourne and I'm gonna seriously miss her.

For what is worth, all these bond that I have with them are the only thing that hold me together. I got no idea why, today after visiting The Great Nalanda university, my emotions was all over the place. I wish I could hold it together but somehow, I soon isolate myself. Not in the mood to talk to anyone.

Just right until I read Mr D's Christmas wishes. It lifted my mood and things getting right. Ab long morning tomorrow. Just gonna get some sleep. Will be in Bohgaya for two days. So far, the journey is pretty amazing. Food are awesome and the people are lovely. Just somehow still missing the part which I am searching for. Weird thing is that it is only 8.45pm and I am sleepy already.


  1. Continue to have fun and get enough sleep =)

  2. Wow~

    very relaxing hor...

    Be safe ya =D

  3. More fun to come for u =)

    Take care buddy



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