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Monday, December 17, 2012

My Own Eat Love Pray Journey

In so many ways, it really reminds me of this movie. But I am taking my own journey with it. Sitting here waiting for my transfer flight, I was looking around and it get me thinking about what I wanna do in life with it. Embarking on my own journey to find this peace I was longing for.

Seeing around what is happening around me, I find sometimes I kinda like to put myself into spots where it made me uncomfortable. So you may ask that if I know it makes me uncomfortable but why do I still embrace it? Because I care too much. Not to put that I have a choice. I do really have that choice, but I took the decision of doing this. Maybe many may not understand but what matters is I have to live up to it.

Yes this may sound confusing, but in ways, it really isn't. Seeing the people sitting around the lounge pretty much answers it all. Some were waiting to rejoin their family and love ones and friends, some waiting to leave for an adventure, some were just business travelers. And some way, I fall into the first two category.

As I put on a summary of the whole year, I see things gonna be just as life was suppose to be. The ups and downs. The twist and turns. Shows me more about where to I really stand in life and what I wanna do with it. So this journey begins. I once told a close friend maybe I wanted to be a monk or something. But that isn't the point. What I rally wanted s to make peace with that inner self of mine.

I wanted to put it down like a journal and record the moments I'm going through with it. What will unfold for me in the last few weeks of the year? Let the journey begins and unfold the path I was seeking for.


  1. Enjoy your little "retreat".

    Indeed, 2012 is unique in its own way.

    Wishing you an early Merry Christmas...


  2. Thanks Chen Xing! I couldn't agree more with you on how special this year is. Merry Christmas and happy new year to you too..



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