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Sunday, December 16, 2012

Season Of Love

Whatever it is, this feels good in many levels. Holidays season started, Christmas is around the corner, and Love is in the air. Seriously, things are really hitting away. Love is spreading like crazy. First, my cow got engaged. Just called and I nearly got deaf by her shouting on her phone. And when I saw that ring, it just left me breathless. It's this huge yellow canary diamond surrounded with little diamonds. That is what I really call a big rock.

And just in days, another friend of mine will be engaged. But somehow that is another cute funny story. But will blog about it after my trip. I actually can't really believe how much that is going on this year actually. No matter what kinda news it will be, things eventually will put a smile in the end.

That is why sometimes the beauty of life put things into perspective. I really am happy for both of my besties that are getting engaged. In many ways, I guess that is the best way to have a good goodbye to them. I am leaving the states the day after tomorrow back to KL. And bam, here is a great news to put a smile before saying goodbye till next March. And before I know it, bam, another surprise engagement coming up and it just gives more reason to say goodbye to her with a great note.

Somehow, I am still dealing with the facts that all my besties are leaving Malaysia when I am back. But at some point, I told myself let them go. It is not like the end, but it is just kinda hard to believe that all of them are not there when I am back. But if they happen to read this, I just wanna say that my blessings is always there with all of you. (Even I may act a little dramatic about it)

Anyhow, I realize I haven't really blog anything about my life lately besides airplanes. I am trying my very best to keep it to the minimal. (Which I clearly fail big time. Period.....) So as my new meds are picking up, hopefully this coming vacation will be a perfect new start for 2013. Still can't really believe I would backpack through the year than partying on New Years Eve. Anyhow, time for me to head to bed. Good night y'all.


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