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Tuesday, December 18, 2012

The Night Before The Journey Starts

What a day! I actually spent a crazy day with my family and my two annoying bestie! Actually got all myself checked up, got my meds right and some quality family time. It was really great to spend time with them. Especially with my little baby brother. He is like a devil broken free from hell. God, I can't believe how much he could eat actually. But anyhow, I did spend sometime with my besties too. Just shopping, and damn, it was good but yet tiring. My feet and back really hurt like hell but it is all worth it.

But now sitting here in the hall before heading to bed, I actually trying to reflect what I have left in the days. What were the things that is missing in me. This trip is just something that I got no idea at all what to expect. At some point, I really wish I could really start filling all the missing point in life.

I am not denying this year was exceptional for me, there are lost battles, yet there are triumph. But what means to me now is to fulfill that inner part of me that isn't complete. There some part in me that felt missing in many levels. At the moment, everything is still at a very blur state. Maybe I am just still tired from the long flight and crazy schedule. I still haven't had the time to really sit down and look on what I am feeling. Or maybe part of me just wanna just let it flow when it comes. I don't really know. It is just some part of it which is going through my mind.

So, I just wanna finish this little piece before the journey starts. Had a super great time with my love ones, and now, the journey begins from here. Good nite y'all. I will update about this journey from time to time if I could. (If they had internet at the place I am staying.) I anticipate the moment I opened my eyes tomorrow.


  1. Have a safe trip to all those exciting places. Come back in one piece and lots of pics k =D

  2. I will buddy! Merry Christmas and happy new year to you!!

  3. Have fun for your trip!! I will miss

    Hope is a spiritual jounrey too =)

  4. Shin Yong, I will still be. Blogging if there are Internet connection in the hotel at night. So, dun worry! Miss your blog more actually! Lol

  5. You know my blog?? How come no comment left before =(



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