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Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Train Beauty

The fog was thick and here we are, heading to the train station. Heading down south east of Delhi, a city called Lucknow. It was only 9 degrees at 3.30 in the morning. I guess the only thing on my mind that time was that I am dead tired and sleepy. But still manage to pull myself up for it.

Arriving here at the station, it was quiet on the streets. But there was something that made this rail station interesting. Believe it or not, India is the largest in term of network in railway in the world. And New Delhi station is the heart of the northern region.

Train arrive at the station around 6 in the morning. Once on board, I was sleeping away. You think I get to sleep, dream on.. I was being awaken by the service attendant like 5 times in 4 hours time. So that is why I'm writing this, I give up on my sleep. Meal after meal was being serve and it really just made me realize why sleep if I am eating up like a pig. Not so good idea to kill time. And by the way, food was just ok. Isn't really good. But the experience was amazing able to really how life was here in India as the train goes by one city to another.


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