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Wednesday, December 12, 2012

The Making of Malaysia Airlines Retro Jet

This week in celebration of Malaysia Airlines 40th anniversary since the split of MSA into MAS and SIA (yes Singapore Air and Malaysia Airline were once the same airline) MAS rolled out a 737-800 in nostalgic retro 1972 colors, taking the airline back to its roots! The Malaysia Airlines' Boeing 737-800 was re-painted in full colors of the first ever aircraft that took to the skies four decades ago!

The original livery has the logo featuring the Kelantan wau bulan or moon kite in a red circle, representing controlled flight and also a fine expression of the many mythologies associated with Malaysia. To complement the logo then, the national carrier sported the colors of the Jalur Gemilang on the aircraft, where red, the dominant color was used for the two stripes across the body as in the flag. Blue was used for the words of the airline’s name with white for the background. The stylized kite, the dominant theme, was fast recognized round the world for achieving the dual impression of movement and modernity and most importantly identifying the Malaysian flag carrier to travelers around the world.

The plane will take to the skies and fly between Kula Lumpur and Jakarta and Bangkok starting 12/13. Customers aboard this plane will also be treated to special meals that are exclusive to this aircraft.

The menus are designed by Malaysia Airlines' chef wearing their retro toques while looking back to identify the popular dishes of yester-years. This special menu consists of evergreen Malaysia Airlines' dishes that will not fail to tantalize the tastebuds of customers.

Although I could not find get an exact date of how long this 738 will fly between the two cities, it appears as though MH711 & MH782 will be exclusively served by this aircraft Dec 13-31st at the very least!

Here is how they put it together.


  1. Aint she a beauty =D


    thanks for sharing =)

  2. JokerPJ, yeah she is. No worries.. I am an aviation geek. Would share all these with you guys.



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