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Saturday, November 17, 2012

Why Aren't We

At this particular moment, I somehow felt that what is it like to be in the spotlight. Being able to be a part of the AMAs this year is purely amazing. I just got off the phone with my Cow. Why aren't we surprise that what has been install for us?

I have put this amazing live performance of her doing That I Would Be Good / Use Somebody mash up that she sang last year. Honestly we won't be surprise at all if she didn't win on this coming AMAs. Somehow that we really see that for the industry now, it isn't all about talent any more. I find many of our artists in RCA who were link to Fremantle Media, they are all great singers. Not to say they couldn't be great performers. But musically they know themselves really well. Please tell me that this track now on my playlist sucks? How many people could possibly do this kinda live singing without any autotune or mixing work?

Not just her, even Carrie and Adam, Kris and Malinda, not forgetting Pia. All amazing singers. But where are they? I really felt that it is a waste to their talent and voice. Till today, I still find them under-appreciated. But I ask myself, what could we do? or what would I do. It is really beyond our ability to change this package.
Life is just like changing seasons. I am sometimes just embracing  this beauty part of being alive. 

But anyhow, I am still happy that I get to have all this beautiful souls in my life. They were the most amazing thing that ever happen to me. I don't know why that sometimes, when I am feeling mellow like this, it is always great to reflect what more I have around me than what have I lost. I really do miss those that have walked out from my life. But I am blessed to those that have stayed. I couldn't be more happy than this.

At times also, there are somethings that you only could feel that much. I was just talking to my bestie earlier. She is ending her long holiday in Melbourne. Somehow, she didn't really say much but I somehow could feel that her happiness was at a thin line. I really wish I could make her smile a little bit more. But I knew, that isn't a thing I could do but give her the space and time. But eventually, I know it will be better for her. And she is moving out from KL soon. Somehow, I suck at goodbyes. So, I am not gonna think about it now.

I don't know.. Maybe it just somehow help me to feel less sucky after everything that has happen. There are many things in life weights more than just money. But it isn't a thing for us to say it isn't too. It is irony but it's just life. This year has been amazing for me. Hard times, good times, crazy times. Everything made me feel more content with what I have. But anyhow, I can't wait for my long holiday next month. Sri Lanka, India and Nepal. Beautiful baby!


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