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Thursday, November 1, 2012

My World

First I would wanna apologize for the choice of music for this post. I know I usually go with some mellow ballads but this song just somehow hit me in many ways. There is another acoustic version which is also amazing but the point of it that it reminds me about my work in the past. I really let my pop rock edge suffocate with all the ballads I was writing.

What this song really hits me was it was that sense of energy that I usually expressed. And looking back, the last time I last wrote a pop rock tune was nearly 2 years back. This genre to me is just extremely expressive. I guess the frustration that is bottling up inside is time to let it out.

"Haunted" is about the moment that you realize the person you're in love with is drifting and fading fast. And you don't know what to do, but in that period of time, in that phase of love, where it's fading out, time moves so slowly. Everything hinges on what that last text message said, and you're realizing that he's kind of falling out of love. That's a really heartbreaking and tragic thing to go through, because the whole time you're trying to tell yourself it's not happening.

The music and the orchestration to reflect the intensity of the emotion the song is about, so we recorded strings with Paul Buckmaster at Capitol Studios in Los Angeles. It was an amazing experience - recording this entire big, live string section that I think in the end really captured the intense, chaotic feeling of confusion.

Feeling a lot better now after medications were given. Woke up around 5 in the morning. Guess I am missing my bed at home. I was looking through my library and i just didn't know why but I click to this song and straight away it was like "Boom" And I started to have weird ideas of getting out from the ward. I actually was thinking to blast this song without my headphone so they would kick me out instead.

Thinking back, even Never Gone was written way back before it launched. I got no idea really how but it somehow works for me. I hope you guys enjoy this song as much as I do. It is truly one expressive beauty. I guess no matter what I feel, I kinda know what to do with it. Time to get connected back to that outlet. Contacted my bestie Byron to do a demo on it. And he says YES!!! Let's see how things go from here now.  We gonna get one great cover out soon!


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