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Friday, November 23, 2012

A Thousand More

I know Imma little late to talk about this movie but yes, finally I watched it. The Twilight final installment. Breaking Dawn Part 2. I always dig into all kindas love story. Even some indie film. But this film is one of the ones in my list. I know loads of my friends hate this movie.

After watching the movie, I felt a suddenly calmness in me. Somehow this movie was accompanying me through part of my life in the past. I remember that when New Moon was released in 2009, the year that I was single again. And the new moon somehow reflects the pain of Bella in it. Something that was being forced on her. Maybe that is partially why I dig into the series that much I think.

But what really makes me feel the calmness was it is a story about really strong bonds. Family bonds, Friends, and love. Yeah, I could tick 2 of the column among 3 of that. But what really does give me that edge was a mothers love. A choice of giving up for what is best for the little child. A choice to be taken to ensure the survival of her offspring.

It really makes me feel sometimes, what mothers would do to just make sure what is the best for their kids. I miss my mom like a lot even it's just like few weeks now. But I know somehow, she never stops me from what I wanna do and what I wanna be. And even the fight she has put on for my own condition. She knew what was the best and what I wanted in life.

Friends, no need for me to go further. No matter where I am, there are always there for me. Dumdum, Cow, Dino, Rainer, Mr D, and many many more. You guys have been my pillar. And love, I really don't care what is will be in the future. Every step I have taken now it is really what is best for us. I miss you. But there ain't gonna change anything for us. You made your point, and I have made mine. But what I am sure that you will always be there for me and so will I for you. And the lyrics for A Thousand Years by Christina Perri on part 2 of Breaking Dawn, just fits in perfectly. I think will be my dope for the next few days on my iTunes.

Somehow, everything has come a full circle now. Just having everything in place and living every minute every second. A great movie for thanksgiving this year for me.


  1. Read the books before the movie. Don't really know why so many people hate it. I think overall it's not bad, I agree the bonds that protrayed from it. =)

  2. Exactly Shin Yong!! It really reflects so much that the value usually people tend to forget. I think it's a genius! Are the books good? I think I shud start reading them.

  3. Books are better. Especially eclipse and breaking dawn. =D

  4. Nice.. Cool.. WIll be hunting for the books in the morning then.. :)



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