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Sunday, November 25, 2012

Not So Well

These are just one of the days I suppose. I am actually pretty glad that I wasn't in that much of pain in these few weeks till tonight. I have to say it wasn't that bad, but I just gotta get use to it. Somehow, I really had the past weeks without such crazy pain. Medications seems to be still working at the moment. But I know I gotta head down to the hospital in the morning to get everything checked.

Thinking back a few post I have written months ago. A Half Life. I certainly know it goes away somehow. It always does. It comes, it goes. I am not feeling any negativity tonight to be honest. It is somehow just understood that the life I am living in. I kept telling myself that sometimes, we cannot always hope for the best. But what we could is just make the best of what we have. I do not blame anyone or a higher power for this life. This is somehow a life of mine. I am somehow blessed.

I have the chance to live in my dreams. I am given the freedom to be who I am with unconditional love from my family. What else I could ask for right? But we humans always have things to ask for. Not that I am complaining. Haha.. there is one little department in my life that isn't complete yet so far. My bestie, Rainer always tell me that everything happen for a reason. I couldn't not agree with her in many ways. Life just works in it's own wonderful way.

By the way, just wanna slip in this bit of great news. The amount of listeners on Fix You cover by Pia and Jared was abnormal this weekend. I wanna thank everyone that have like that song and supported the victims in any way. It just inspire us to do more for the society through music. I am really thankful for that. Anyhow, I just hope I don't end myself in ward again tomorrow. That would definitely suck. Argh.. Not thinking Eric! Keep chewing your chewable vitamins. Oh, that, it is one of my little ways to make me happy. I know, weird! Alrighty, time to watch The Good Wife. Have a great night y'all.


  1. Rest more !!!

    Hope you are feeling better now.

  2. Thanks Chen Xing, taking a step at a time. I will be better soon. :)



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