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Friday, November 9, 2012

Anticipating With Excitement?

I really got no idea if I am actually excited or just terrified. It will be a long week for all of us here. But before everything starts, I am somehow glad that I manage to spend some time today with my pretty Cow! But what really is embarrassing is she actually has a Hello Kitty lunch box! I am like, hello, you are older than me. Could you please act your age?

But her being her, ignoring me as usual. So, what am I actually excited about? The AMAs - American Music Awards. We are now fully loaded and getting ready to rock at the Nokia Theatre here in Los Angeles. And what really makes me more excited is I would be seeing Christina Aguilera performing! It has been years since I last saw her sang! I remember it was in Acer Center in Sydney on her Back To Basic World Tour. I just couldn't wait any longer to see her sing at the AMAs. 

Anyhow, the nominees are in and votes are still counting. It will be everyone's game to be honest. But as for me, I should be rooting for our own singers in the company. So, fingers cross. Hopefully will turn out well. Well, somehow, I don't really wanna put myself back into that vulnerable writing mode at the moment. Just trying to stay neutral and not to feel that much emotions at a time. 

Big things coming up, but still, taking one step at a time. Missing someone very much today. Maybe I left KL too long. Just couldn't wait to be home and still counting the days to come. But what I am really glad is having Cow around with me these few days. It never feel better to have her and just chat the whole night through. So, Imma not gonna make this post long and windy, Imma gonna focus on the upcoming previews and launches, enjoy my ride, and just roll. It is always good to work with all these wonderful people.

One thing I really find it different is there ain't back stabbing or grudges held. What makes us great is what put us together. Sometimes, I really don't miss working back in Asia. I miss home, I miss friends but I do enjoy what I do here. The love and support is a total whole new level. I guess what I am trying to say is I am just blessed somehow. :) To my friends in Malaysia, Happy weekend guys! I really miss all of you loads.


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