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Saturday, November 24, 2012

Shut Up Eric!!!

The thing with me is I couldn't keep my mouth shut when it comes to celebration! I know I can't blog anything about it or even the slightest hint cause I know that particular person will be reading this.

So it comes down to what should I do! Ok, I just realize Imma totally screwed! I really couldn't even give out the slightest hint! Fine.. Talk about something else! Oh yeah, I'm back in Boston now. Finalizing some details now, couldn't wait to move to NYC by next year.

I am really an asshole aren't it? My mind is just like full with the event that is coming up next month! Grrr.. Focus Eric! Don't go there!! *Slaps*

It will be 3 more weeks before I am flying off again. I couldn't wait to start my trip to these beautiful country. Honestly, I still haven't really planned in details during my vacation. Sri Lanka and Nepal would be really new to me. India will be my second time back there. I really gotta take that time to sort out transportation before I even set foot there. But maybe because I'm back home here in Boston. Everything just kicks in. I just don't feel like doing anything but just have all the "me" time that I could.

Sometimes, I really do think back what if that really did happen to me. But sometimes, I am not in position to really think about that. I don't know why but this kinda cold clear weather makes me misses you very much. It feels like 2'C now. I realize it was really long since I last met you. Can you believe it, it is almost 6 months now since I left.

But again, like I say, it isn't my stand to call. But what I really could say is, I really misses you very much! I couldn't wait to be back in Malaysia to see you. And sorry to post such crap again! I will try to refrain from this!


  1. You sound so confuse on this post.. lol. India sounds cool! Next time i go to NYC you host me ah.. Haha

  2. I know rite! I wish I can splash everything out!!! It is like watching a super nice romantic comedy! I think ya shud got the hint cuz i twitted something.

    But Leonard, for NYC, any time. Sold off my place in LA. Moving to NYC! Please come! It is a really comfy 3bedroom place! You are welcome any time!!

  3. Enjoy the sun, sea & sand in Sri Lanka.

  4. Shin Yong, pls do come! It would be lovely for you guys to come!

    Chen Xing, yeah.. I heard its beautiful.. Hope everything will turn out fine.



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