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Wednesday, November 7, 2012

What A Day

There were so many things going on today. And look at the time now. It is almost 4am now and I am still wide awake blogging this. I got no idea why am I so excited with the election. Somehow maybe that being here in the states and really see what the people wanted. The change of history. I applaud President Obama for this. This change of equality isn't just the change of one country. But putting the world on the alter. Showing what humans should show respect to humans. No matter what or who they are. It is really a pretty simple proposition. Everyone should be treated the same in the eyes of the law and the society.

4 years ago, America shows the world that racism could be overcome by bringing everyone together. 4 years later, again America shows the world that everyone has the same rights. Putting discrimination or one no matter who they are.

And also today is the second anniversary of Dumdum and Sauli. Love the champagne  love the cakes and love the company. Wishing both of you many good years to come. With now that LGBT community has equally same rights. I really do see both of them having their wedding soon. Hopefully.

I dunno why am I writing this, anyway. I better head to bed. A long day tomorrow! :P Sorry for wasting ya time reading. Pardon a drunk person..

*Am I really drunk??*

Oh yeah!! Happy Birthday too to Chen Xing!!! Happy Birthday to you with loads of love and many good wishes returns!! Ok.. Time for me to sleep. LMAO


  1. Hahah, and am thanking you again for the Birthday wishes.




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