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Wednesday, November 21, 2012

All That Matters In Music

Pick all my weeds but kept the flowers.
I remember when Cala told us about this and we started to put all this into place. It was like a beautiful puzzle. And the best part was Aben put this song to live with that amazing arrangement. Cow was so excited about it and we finish everything that night. It was just a rush doing this song. Musically, it's almost hypnotic. You just get lost in it, it's just so beautiful. This song is about surviving something you think you can get past or over. Addiction towards our desires. Nothing in particular. A metaphor.

Whenever we were looking things at a brighter side, we tend to forge how we really manage to walk out from the dark side of it. The beauty of being about to stand from the depth of our own desires. This song particularly put us in that world where we really just wanted to feel what we wanna hide.

Maybe it doesn't really make sense to many, but to get it right, we should be proud of the slump that we were. Maybe the song would speak better than my words.

Healing is a part of us to get ourselves back right on. Honestly, it was kinda a little let down for us since the label rejected our vision. But we had that coming since the idea pop up in our mind. But the best part of it, we are gonna somehow do a compilation of our own. Since we will be on the road a lot for the greatest hits launch, we got a lot of time together to write.

Both of us are not really in good shape emotionally. Which is why it is the best time to start writing. I know this sound kinda sick. But a songs that people could relate is what and where our hearts are. Pain and being vulnerable is one of the easiest to feel. I know that someone would wanna just slap the both of us now if he is reading this. But you know that it is what we do best.

I couldn't really say that this is right or wrong, but sometimes, it is when what we feel is being triggered, we tend to let it in. I remembered a few nights back, I was just in the bath tub, and honestly I didn't know what I wanna do. It felt like I was sinking in it. Somehow, it felt right. And somehow, yes, I won't deny that at the weirdest part to have inspiration to write a song. I don't really know what to name the song just yet, but a few names has been popping through my mind. One of my top picks is - Divine. I don't know, let's see how the lyrics comes out first.

Sometimes, I do ask myself how long more I wanna do this. But the answer is never really a firm one. I know somehow that writing music is what I really wanted. Sharing it to the world is what I could do. I don't know, but if there is that one person who really could let me slow things down, I somehow would. But never for good. I just never wanted to stop sharing all this to every single soul out there.

And looking what I have just wrote, I got no idea at all what am I actually rambling about too. Mental note, never blog when you wake up in the middle of the night. It's almost 4 in the morning now. Better get my rest, a long day for all of us tomorrow.


  1. You really should grab your luggage and say "Enough!! I'm going for vacation now."

  2. Hahaha.. Shin Yong, I'm having my vacation in Dec! But I will definitely be back writing music again after that! It's jus something more important than food to me. Music is just part of my life!



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