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Thursday, November 22, 2012

Happy Thanksgiving

Flew out from LA to Dallas. I will be in Burleson for the festive celebration. Just me and a whole lot of family of a close friend of mine. Even though she isn't here, her brother always made me feel home whenever I visit. The flight from LA to Dallas was ok. Travelling coach for the first time after a long time. Hahaha.. Yes, I am travelling coach cause I am paying it myself.

Been doing some thinking for these past few days. The amazing thing about life is whenever we feel that it is cold, it gets warm. Somehow, having to spend the holiday with friends is way better than doing it myself. I get to realize many times in life, whenever I put myself into that position thinking what I am going through, I tend to just close all my doors. It isn't that others wouldn't understood what I am going through. But just that I hate showing my pain to them.

But anyhow, it has been a good year for me. Despite of the in and out visit to the hospitals. I realize I always have all that I didn't even dare to ask for. For that, I am really thankful to all my friends that is always around me. I made a little wish for this year to come. As for thanksgiving, the spirit is to give back to the society as what I am able to.

We just finish a song that we recently record, to give back to those that are suffering. It will be on iTunes this coming 30th. And all proceeds will be going to the Redcross to aid every single soul that have been suffering after hurricane Sandy. So as for my readers, stay tune, as I will be releasing it over here too in just days.

After Dallas, I will be heading back to Boston I suppose and start packing for my trip back to KL on the 17th and my long awaits vacation. Honestly, I still haven't really plan on what to do in those 3 beautiful countries. And also time to start practicing my camera skills. It will be amazing over there. Anyway, I know I am really blessed with love and care no matter where I am. Happy Thanksgiving to all!


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