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Saturday, November 17, 2012

My Journey Before The AMAs

Picture blog time! My journey before the AMAs begins.
Couldn't sleep after that stupid dream! What the hell with it!


  1. Love the Friend + Benefits t-shirt XD

    Good luck and have fun after this have a nice rest =D

  2. Haha.. I know rite.. It belongs to my roomie.. I posted that pic on my instagram and my friends ask me to robbed that shirt from him.

    But thanks.. I definitely needed my long awaiting holiday in december. :)

  3. nice !

    Say hi to Nicki for me.


  4. Haha.. I wish I knew her.. She isn't in the same company as I am la..

  5. Heheh, I know...but she'll be there right ?


  6. Yup.. But She will be in front of the stage and on stage.. I am back stage. so.. u got the picture. :P

  7. Stevie Wonder!!!
    Did they place Nicki Minaj next to Mariah? Hahaha.. Oh yeah.. wolverine legs..hahahaha. Anyway do update on the AMAs!



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