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Sunday, November 25, 2012


What a way to wake up to beautiful Scandinavian tunes. I really wish to share it over on my Mixpod but sadly it stated that it is shutting down. Sigh. For now I still see the player is still working. I need to start monitoring till it stop working. Until then, I am still gonna hunt for some good user friendly player for my blog. (Since I am a noob on computers)

But back to the song. Since I am having my holiday now, I am trying to reinvent myself in a way. Listening to all sorts of music and I came across Scandinavian tunes. I found this beautiful tune called Noble Maiden Fair (A Mhaighdean Bhan Uasal) if I spell that right. It comes back to the fundamentals of music.

Many times, I realize many(we) tend to maximize the arrangements to cover up all the little things. Which I am not saying that is a good thing. But as we come across many singers that really couldn't sing but still.. It isn't a writers choice. So yeah, we tend to do more hardcore arrangements. But today, when I listen to this tune especially. I just feel like crying. (Which is in a good way) Sitting here in the sofa just felt so right with this emotion. It just flows through me. I don't understand about the language but it made me felt like something really dear to the heart was lost. Something stronger than love.

The moment I listen to it, it shoot across me like an arrow. No autotune, no cover ups. Beautifully raw with emotions. I come to a point since I wrote "The Next Chapter" I haven't been doing music like this. I think as we are in the industry, we really need to reflect from time to time to remember that what we are doing is for the music. Not fame not money not desires. But the passion. Many people now aren't doing the same much nowadays.

After listening to the song, I just pick up my phone and called Cow. Simply she is one person that could relate to what I am feeling? (Hahaha.. I know.. I am full of crap) But in many ways, I don't know if I did a good thing or a bad thing. After she listen to it, she just told me one thing.

"Ricky, I think I should stand on my grounds on my next album. I should be doing music that really I could relate. Showcase my pain, my happiness, and my tears. Not just another pop album"
Seriously, I wish I could do that with her again. But the last time we did, it was a total crap. I mean to us, we are really proud of the songs that we wrote and it was really personal. But to the critics, a little too personal till that it isn't mainstream at some point. Of course I do understand what the label thinks. And fans will be fans. People want songs that they could relate to in their own way. Even though I thought sometimes, it was a little "over" related. Many songs wasn't about love relationships but people just couldn't stop relating it to it. Whatever. I should stop mumbling. Grr... Focus.

But standing on her point of view, I could understand why that she wanted us to do that with her. But many people still need to go on with life I suppose. (Like me and I repeat, writers earn peanuts and no we don't get royalty.) But there is a will there is a way I suppose. So far, I guess my soundcloud speaks quite loudly. People wanted songs they can relate to. I see it clearly on the counts on each track. So, I really wish I could do that. But it isn't my call. I need to stand where music could speaks by it's own. Nothing big, just simple and everything just will soar into our hearts. For now, it is just a wish that I could say, far reach.

One thing I always say, there is a place where words couldn't mean anything but music speaks it all.


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