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Monday, November 19, 2012

Again... Seriously!?!?!

As much as I wanted to deny this, I gotta say that I think my friends are right I need to get back to the game! I got back to my hotel around 9plus after the awards show, and I think I fell asleep before 10pm. And here we go again with this weird dreams! Wanted to categories it as nightmare but yet I bet loads of you think it should be a vivid sex dream instead.

Like seriously, I think my celibacy term gotta end and get back to the game. I mean it isn't I don't enjoy those crazy dreams but I hate waking up in the middle of the night and stay awake the whole night. And for the record, it isn't a sex dream of any kind.

It was really weird. I was with this whole bunch of hot studs. But the thing is, I don't recognize any of them but yet it turn out to be that they are like my close buddies. I think the dream took place in a locker room or some sort. Everyone is like stripping down naked. I am not sure that anyone are having sex or what but it sure is like a turn on.

The thing was there was this stud who stayed close to me like a close buddy or something. Kept like seducing me with all those touches and all. But before anything could happen, I walked out from the locker room. And guess what, I am in that kinda in a really high end school campus. But the thing is now that I am naked on with my towel walking through school grounds back to my room. There ain't any fleet of stairs at all. Using elevators. Could you believe that?

But the thing that got me woken up was that this buddy of mine isn't shy. He has like the most beautiful body like I have ever seen. Greek gods like. and he kept hitting on me. And the part that I woke up was while walking pass the teacher's lounge, he just pinned me down onto this really nice sofa and start snogging me! I panic and here I am. Great!

Like seriously!!! What is wrong with me! And now the worst part is I can't believe and I don't know why am I blogging about this. I should just go back to sleep! Good night.


  1. Got awaken by wet dreams?

    kinda shocking in a way... its like the head's not prepare for it... lol~

  2. JokerPJ, but the thing was it isn't a wet dream as it didn't went to that place. :P

  3. I's not really nightmare, at least got hot studs.

    Next time, Want me sing lullaby song for you? lol

  4. Shin Yong! You are not helping either way!Seriously.. =___=

  5. that you in the picture ?

    Anyway, I think the subconscious is fighting to break away from this celibacy term of yours.

    Maybe you should give the subconscious you a treat ?

  6. Chen Xing, of course that isn't me! How I wish it was..but I think it's time for me to get out from my long vow! I'm completing my one year already.

    Alfred, nothing to be enved.. It's jus a dream..



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