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Monday, November 26, 2012

KL Kita by Yuna Featuring Qi Razali

Well, so far it has been well for me. Thanks for all the wishes guys. Before heading back to the hospital today, I am so happy I gotta hang out with my boys later for lunch. Anyway, I wanted to share something that happened this morning. While I was heading to get my usual cuppa coffee, I got a tweet by an old friend of mine back in Malaysia.

I love what he shared with me. It is latest movie coming out this 2013. The OST "KL Kita" sounded awesome with Yuna and Qi Razali. The vibe was pretty awesome. so, here you go. I hope you guys will like it as much as I do. Really hope that this movie Kolumpo will be out when I come back to Malaysia. So proud of you James! So far what I see, I love it a lot! Can't wait to catch it! Hope to see you too when I get back next year.
Anyhow, no idea what is with me, just a little mellow I suppose. Somehow I was reflecting about what was going on through out the year. Not that I wanted to be in that state. It just happen in a way. Somehow I felt that somehow what are the difference being in the industry between cultures. Hmm.. I don't really know how to put everything down in words somehow. Argh... Forget about it. Maybe should just let it go somehow.

Well, counting down the days now on my upcoming vacation. And not forgetting my birthday bash with my besties. And still, I am still missing you a lot. Just don't know why but I just did. And I wonder where Mr D is?!?!?! He has been extremely quiet since he left to Singapore! I need ya zombie! Mana you?!?!?!

Alrighty, enjoy the video. Heading out with my boys soon. I gotta get ready. And to all my friends in Malaysia, nitey!


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