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Monday, November 26, 2012

Due Again

My chemotherapy is due again. Somehow I don't know why, I do find a lot of peace in Red by the amazing Taylor Swift. I think she really converted me to be on Team Swify now. Today is a little harder compare to the earlier days. I don't know how does this help but rambling here surely made it easier for me to go on.

I had a wonderful day with my boys in the afternoon for lunch. I got myself a nice book to keep me company for the next few days. So far, I am loving it. I got my Twilight book. I think it will company me and make my day. Thanks to Shin Yong to reckon me this.

Feeling my meds kicking in actually. The effect is pretty strong. Stronger than I actually expect it to be. It's barely 8pm and I am already dozing off. And I really should stay off twitter. Hopefully I won't be spamming everyone with nonsense. And seriously, I don't know what I am writing here either. My mind just couldn't be at the right state. There was so much I wanna talk about earlier. But it just.. Ah.. Nevermind.. I should just log off and stay in bed tonight.


  1. You're welcome. Hope you really enjoy it =)

    Don't too obsess in it, rest more ; )



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