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Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Obama Sends Letter To Girl About Her Two Dads

As if we needed more reminders of the differences between the candidates in this here election, think about how Mitt “Do teh gheys even have famblies?” Romney might reply to a letter from a 10-year-old girl who writes a letter to the President about her two gay dads:
I am so glad that you agree two men can love each other because I have two dads and they love each other, but at school kids think that it’s gross and weird, but it really hurts my heart and feelings…. If you were me and you had two dads that loved each other and kids at school teased you about it, what would you do?
Here’s the full letter that 10 year old Sophia Bailey Klugh sent to Barack Obama:

And here, in case you needed one more reason to call that friend who wasn’t sure they’d bother voting, is the President’s November 1 response to Sophia, sent just days before the election:

Dear Sophia,
Thank you for writing me such a thoughtful letter about your family. Reading it made me proud to be your president and even more hopeful about the future of our nation. 
In America, no two families look the same. We celebrate this diversity. And we recognize that whether you have two dads or one mom what matters above all is the love we show one another. You are very fortunate to have two parents who care deeply for you. They are lucky to have such an exceptional daughter in you. 
Our differences unite us. You and I are blessed to live in a country where we are born equal no matter what we look like on the outside, where we grow up, or who our parents are. A good rule is to treat others the way you hope they will treat you. Remind your friends at school about this rule if they say something that hurts your feelings. 
Thanks again for taking the time to write me. I’m honored to have your support and inspired by your compassion. I’m sorry I couldn’t make it to dinner, but I’ll be sure to tell Sasha and Malia you say hello. 
Barack Obama
So do we really need to think more about who to vote? Polls will be in. Let's protect the change that we have in our history. I am not an american citizen but living here. But I really appreciate what it has to give to the world. 


  1. He won!!! =D *Opening Champagne*

    Did you cry when see the result? ; )

  2. I know I jump in the bar when announced that he won in Ohio! Happy - extremely. Cry - No. Tears of Joy, - Nearly. :P

  3. Congratulations to him once again.




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