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Monday, November 5, 2012

Blank Page by Christina Aguilera

I do think that Christina Aguilera got her vibe back. In most of her past few albums, I didn't really dig into her ballads. The last time I really was so into her ballad was in Stripped - Beautiful and A Voice Within. But on her upcoming album releasing this month, I really think she got it right this time. Christina being Christina, she knows what is best for her! She never goes to producers that everyone is going to. She creates her own voice and still nail it right.

Many may still say she is trying hard to fit into the industry. Being compared to many other artists. But one thing for sure, she is a diva and she is here to stay. Like it or not, this girl can be raunchy and naughty. But when it comes to her power chords, no one is near here.

Today she puts out this beautiful ballad! I was already anticipating for this track to get out since few months back when I wrote about this. It is pure brutal honesty from her. I think those thinks that she has reach her limit, I think they are slapping themselves with their own words!

Christina Aguilera lays it all out there in her new ballad "Blank Page," lamenting in an emotion-racked vocal delivery that she's "been no saint" but isn't quite sure of how to say sorry.

"I was scared, I was unprepared, for the things you say," she sings in the song, off upcoming album "Lotus." "If I could undo, that I hurt you, I would do anything for us to make it through. Draw me a smile and save me tonight. I am a blank page waiting for you to bring me to life."

Accompanied only by a piano, Aguilera digs deep in her performance but never crosses into showy terrain; it's a subtle bit of wizardry from The Voice judge.

A beautiful, vulnerable, amazing ballad that reminds me of the emotional vulnerability yet empowerment feeling that you get from listening to say a 'Beautiful' from previous records.

One of the more effective moments in the ballad comes when Aguilera lowers her booming voice to a delicate almost-whisper, proposing to her victim

 "Let our hearts stop and beat as one together; Let out hearts stop and beat as one forever."


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