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Sunday, November 11, 2012

Finally Done

Now I could finally say this! It is finally done at last. Now I could really take a breather till next week. So for  tomorrow, it will definitely be a lazing staying in Sunday for me. Just room service and TV! I swear I am not gonna leave my bed.

Been doing some inspiration search through music. And I find out this old album from Christina Aguilera - Back To Basics. There are so much I really like about it honestly. The intensity of a few songs that I really love. The arrangements are wonderful. Somehow it really made me respect her a lot as an artist. Doing things when others did not do it. She really put herself out there. Showing that life is more than being judged and judging others. Yes, we couldn't stop others to talk about what she is copying but people just don't give her credit too when she was the pioneer. Anyhow, she is really one artist I really look up to.

And honestly,I got no idea at all what to blog about in these recent days. Work load is mad and also getting back to my own. Meds are helping me a lot to cope with the hectic days. In other words, I hope things will turn better.

Oh yeah, I just needed to say this. I was reading a forum and a really great news to me. ( I am a sucker for skyscraper. ) I saw Warisan Merdeka ( Independence Heritage ) master plan! I just found out that Warisan Merdeka would be 118 floors and will be 682meters tall.. it will be the 2nd tallest building in the world... Awesome.. I saw the rendering.. it is brilliant! it is unconventional, simple, elegant yet tall... really tall.. it is curvy and wavering.. it is dark blueish glassy, diamond inspired facade. Love it! The pinnacle of the building is really tall. I know many have their own view regarding this project but anyhow, I think it is brilliant on this amazing projects. The road system and tunneling, amazing! Once the development order is out, I think this project will change that part of KL forever. It will be one of the most amazing place to be. It will be an engineering marvel. And the indoor stadium will be one amazing arena for a lot of events to come!

Alrighty, heading to bed now. It's 3am and I don't wanna miss out my sleep! Nitey y'all!


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