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Friday, May 31, 2013

Feels Like The End

For some reasons, I guess it is just time for me to face the world that things will never go the way as we planned. I know it has been some time now since I wanna stand here and feel the way I am right now. Closing a door from the unknown is just a small part of being alive. I suppose so.

Many things has gone from okay to disaster. And it doesn't just affect one person but many that had been in this way. The moment you told me that it hurts and felt the tears running down your face. All I really wished I could do is to hold you in silence. I know nothing could make things better at this point. It feels like the end. For a moment there, it felt like nothing in the world could make anything right. But it always will be just alright. Maybe it is just that faith I have been holding on for a long time. Something that is worth for me to hold on.

Then a perfect harmony of imperfect voices. I just wanna be lost in the mist of the melody. For some reasons, it always makes me feel better. I have been sitting and starring in front of my empty manuscript but no notes came out. Writers block? I really don't think so. Maybe just I didn't feel anything for me to put it out. I wanted to, but nothing was there.

It has been a crazy week for me in the whole. Since I lost my iPad, I felt like I am sorta a cripple in a way. Adaptation to what I have now seems easy, but it is just a way to go on. Can't sit there and mourn over it right? Just like how life is I suppose. Just making lemonades from the lemons.

For now, maybe recovery is a long winding road. But just gonna live now till I could get hold to that Ricky who is just somehow missing. Well, at least I have a few scripts to accompany me for see what projects I am taking on in 2014/2015 season. So, I guess it is just one step at a time.

I wouldn't lie that it doesn't hurt cause it really does. Just somehow a way of coping I suppose. 


  1. Ricky. A big hug from me. I never knew exactly what are you recovering from but anything at least we still wanna live on. That dreadful eerie lonely feeling is very much felt by me too all the time. Hugs hugs hugs

  2. Thank you.. It really meant a lot to me. I dun know how much I could say more.. Just really.. Thank you...



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