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Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Simple Things In Life

I told myself I will not rant about the physical pain any more.
I told myself, live the life I should be.
I told myself that it is worth smiling at life no matter how tough the road will be.
I told myself be thankful.
I told myself the world is beautiful.
I told myself I have all cried out.
I told myself life is good.
I told myself everything happens for a reason.
I told myself live now.

All those little things we use to ignore in life, the things we think that aren't important to us once. It all matters. Leo just asked me why I could remember all the dates exactly when things happens. My answer was simple, I use to ignore them, until I know the day comes that it will be just a mere memory to me.

I miss the life I use to have. Without worries, without any thing to fear. I am not saying that it is bad now. I just missed it. Everything that is happening around now, is just like a moving train. Everything moves and you sat there and see how it passes you.

Sometimes, we have to just remember that tough times will pass. But tough people are the ones that is still holding on. People tend to ask me why am I so active in charity and giving back to the society. I usually will just smile and let it go. Take a moment, when you realize what we have now, it is what that makes us alive. It isn't about how much money you have, it isn't about what brands you hold or what your achievements are.

Well, maybe it is just me, I don't know. What I really cherish most now in life is that sense of peace I have right now. I know I am being loved, I know I have wonderful friends, I know I have my dream job and most important is I know I am alive. Every radiation and chemo treatment now doesn't really bugs me much. Of course the on and off emotional whirlwind but I have nothing to complaint about right now.

And what really matters to me are all those little memories that makes us smile all the way till where I am right now. I am just thankful and loved. Life gets tough on the way we take every step. We will wanna be alone from time to time. But when you know that if you try reaching out, that its all it takes to continue the journey. And all I can say is, I am smiling.


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