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Sunday, May 5, 2013

Why All The Sadness?

This is crap to many but just a voice I wanted to put it out there. There are so many things going on now around now I remembered the day when the American Elections were held. We see how the Democrats and Republican put up the right. And when the Republican lost in the run, they bow out with grace.

I am not saying that everything is clean and fair. Even for the Americans, nothing is clean when it comes to politics. But I am not going there to begin with. But I see that this isn't something we have to be sad of and making a giving up call. I read something about what my friends has to say.

Giving in to the losing end is just not the way. We have put up a fight, and we fought to the end.    I am proud we start to take a bigger piece for this election. - AW
If you follow this means you gave up (liao).. think positive (la)!! don't succumb to trend! like obstacles, you succumb to it then you will never succeed!! - Leo
Everyone has a different political view and in democracy, everyone has the right to voice. But I really do think we should do it with grace. It has been a great improvement on the polls, oppositions margin grew higher, and  seats won are growing. It is a sign of change. But all the slandering and  abuse of words. It just made us look bad.

No matter where (parties) we stand, we respect each other. There will be nothing clean and honorable in politics and this applies to all parties. It will be the same old thing. And it doesn't apply to only Malaysia but everywhere where there is democracy. This isn't a fair game to begin with. No matter what the politicians are doing, it isn't what we can stop them to be that. But we can make that future change for us. But bear in mind, changes takes time. Stand up strong, and be a responsible citizen. I believe, one day, that change would come for many that is waiting for. Patience is the key. Don't give in, if you think this is something worth fighting for, keep it going. We hold our own future. It is just 5 more years. I trust with the unity I see, it will just be somewhere near in the future. Never give up on that hope. Be proud that you have put up a good fight for this general election.

And since I am on this topic. I think it is also kinda the right time for me to announce this here. I guess many would be happy that I will be going "home" I can't wait to see you guys too. I am giving up my citizenship here. I have been offered few months back and I think, I am making a move that will change my course of life. And I strongly have to say this, giving up isn't easy for me. And it has nothing to do with the politics or demographic here. It is just where I wanna be.. Home..

I am thankful and grateful for growing up in Malaysia. It will always be a second home to me no matter what. And by doing this, it isn't like I won't be coming back to visit or anything. Just, the right choice for me to make for my own. For the better or worst. It has been good 29 years!


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