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Thursday, May 9, 2013

A Piece Of Peace

Everyone eventually will faced with a transformation. Our mind, body and soul have all gone through a period of growth that’s led us to the biggest win we've ever had in our life. Maybe some hadn't reach that point of life to be in this evolution but everyone eventually will.

No matter how we are being thrown at in life, it is how we walked through with time. Reading back some of my blog post, I realize sometimes, this journey I have taken has bring me a little gift in life. That is being thankful. This little blog has been like my little scrap book. Filled with things I love, the music I breath for, the pain in life, the funny thing in life, the love I have lost, love that has been given to me, a loving family and all the hilarious things. Even some naughty bits here and there.

Well, at points here and there, it has been remarkable. To me at least, I feel sometimes I didn't know how would I actually would able to get through things in life. I am not ashamed of anything in my past. It is a part of me. And I am seeking for that little peaceful place now within. I wouldn't say I am there just yet, but I am somewhere near to that peace.

Listening to the great Mary J Blige's The Living Proof, I realize that it is just stupid of me sometimes, not realizing that all the most beautiful things in life are the little simple things in life. And that part of me, I am thankful. Thankful for able to write and share my music with the world, thankful for my loving family and friends, thankful for my cancer, thankful for everything that has been given to me, and most important of all, thankful for everything that I have lost. 

Being able to be a part of this story for 29 years now, I wouldn't change it with anything that is on the line. I know it's not much yet, but it is enough for me to realize what life has to offer. And a big part of that, I have to give back to the world. It's gonna be a long journey, and it will be a tough fight.  But it is worth for me to keep holding on to that faith. 

Being a part of something isn't exactly what life is. I was that person who was trying to fit in and being a part of the world. And with everything that has been these few weeks. I realize I didn't have to at all. Life has so much to offer by just being a part of it. And we don't even have to try to fit into it. Haha.. Maybe it doesn't make sense now, but it is really something warmth and comforting. I found the little piece of peace I am looking for. And life, it is just beautiful. And I am ready to carry on. And every morning, when I opened my eyes, I tell myself, I am thankful for another day because out there somewhere, someone else didn't make it today. 

It's gonna be a long long journey
It's gonna be an uphill climb
It's gonna be tough fight
It's gonna be some lonely nights
But I am ready to carry on
I am so glad the worst is over ('cause almost took me out)
I can start living now
I feel like I can do anything
And finally I am not afraid to breath

Thinking about life's been painful
Yes it was
Took a lot to learn how to smile
So now I am gonna talk to my people,
About the storm, about the storm
Oh so glad the worst is over
I can start flying now
My best days are right in front of me
Yeah and I am almost there
'Cause now I am free

I know where I am going
Hey 'cause I know where I've been
I am gonna feel strong that's showing
I am gonna keep going
That's the way that I will

Anything you say to me
And everything you do
You can't deny the truth
'Cause I'm the living proof
So many those who fight
They just don't make it through
But look at me hey yeah
I am the living proof

Nothing about my life has been easy
But nothing's gonna keep me down
'Cause I know a lot more today
Than I knew yesterday
So I am ready to carry on


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