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Thursday, May 16, 2013

Season 12 American Idol Crowned!

Season 12 had some of the best talent ever on the show and on May 16, a winner was crowned. See who took home the title below!

‘American Idol’ Winner — Candice Glover Wins Season 12

CANDICE GLOVER! At the end of the night, Candice took the title from season 11 champ Phillip Phillips! However, it was a night full of treats before the winner was announced.
A Night Full Of Performances

On the May 16 finale, you could cut the tension with a knife! But the nerves were broken up by some amazing performances by Mariah Carey, Jennifer Lopez, Adam Lambert, The Band Perry, PSY and Keith Urban.

Jenelle Arthur started the night of performances with a fun song, “Done,” with The Band Perry.

After a performance by the Top 10 boys with Frankie Valli, Mariah Carey sang a medley of her own hits, including her newest single “Beautiful.” She brought down the house! I only wish it was sung live.

Amber Holcomb, who was arguably eliminated prematurely, then sang “Next To Me” with Emeli Sande.

Ryan Seacrest happily took a break from the performances to show Kree and Candice award their mentors with a Ford Fiesta! Later, Candice and Kree got a Ford Escape.

Next, it was back to the performances. Treating us to what Ryan calls “his global anthem,” PSY performed “Gentleman.”

Keith, looking very cute, sang “Little Bit Of Everything.” It was the television premiere of his new track.

The amazing Jennifer Hudson returned to perform “Inseparable” with Candice. Honestly, they should have shut down the competition at this point and just handed Candice the crown. Their performance was show-stopping.

The girl who should have won the title this season, Angie Miller, sang “Titanium” with former Idolfinalist Adam Lambert. Then, Angie immediately went into a duet with her own idol Jessie J! Because Angie forfeited singing her own song, “You Set Me Free,” in order to perform with the UK singer, Jessie J offered to bring Angie with her to the UK to perform her original song on stage together at a future concert.

Kree “kicked off her shoes” and sang Keith’s “Where The Blacktop Ends” with Mr. Urban, Randy Jackson played on guitar and Travis Barker played on the drums. It was a feel good performance.

Since Aretha Franklin is afraid to fly, she performed with the Top 10 girls via satellite. It was almost as good as the hologram of Tupac. When the song stopped, she immediately disappeared. She must be too much of a diva for an applause. (Mariah, take note.)

Jennifer Lopez closed the set of performances with her new single “Live It Up” featuring Pitbull. It was definitely the best performance of the night!
Kree Harrison & Candice Glover Fought To The Finish

On the May 15 show, each girl sang three songs each. Both sounded amazing with Randy commenting that both girls sang a “winning performance.”


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