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Saturday, May 4, 2013

An Act That Changed Myself

I couldn't agree more that sometimes it just takes a small act of kindness to change what we can feel. It felt really good seeing everyone who acts and wanna make that small change in life. Not just for me, but to a greater good. Life really gives us everything we need. And all it takes is giving back.

After I did my part donating under Pia's team, I created my own supporting her right now. And within hours, I raised my first 50 dollars and a 250 more to come in the remaining 6 months. A big thank you to a really close and great friend of mine, Mikey. You never fail to surprise me. But I am really thankful with your actions and effort to us.

Even though this relay is from the American Cancer Association, but the effort will be for a greater cause. Extending to everyone worldwide. Well, despite of the big political crap that is going on, this is the least that is getting me going for now. Well, I am really glad now that I manage to make myself feel good in ways that I can't imagine I could ever since the pain and all is a constant thing in my life now.

But well, I do feel a little upset on something. Not upset, maybe just disappointed. When I told my dad about this, he kinda like hesitant and say maybe next time. It is kinda a hurtful thing. To me at least. Somehow he clearly knew his son is fighting towards the same disease. Well, he has a mind of his own. I just couldn't say much no matter how I feel. But well, on the bright side, I did my part to even try asking. And I am hoping that more will join me to this cause.

I am really grateful for the love and effort shared here. This is definitely a cause that is worth fighting for. If any of you here just read about this and wanna join us, please do visit our team lead by the beautiful Pia Toscano. Make a difference today for a better tomorrow. We will always fight for that cure and hope. We celebrate, we remember and we fight back. Relay For Life 2013. 


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