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Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Time For The Lovers

From little small things we have in our life. I use to didn't see them as how they were. And all these small little details are the things that make everything seems right in ways we can imagine. I have 8 more dosage to go before anything else is being decided. And for now, all I really need is something to hold me together.

A big part of me couldn't be more thankful just to have you having time off and just spending time with. You on the other side of the bed doing work on your laptop, and here I am, recovering from all the episodes from my latest treatment. Well, what I am doing is obsessing with the brand new aircraft from Airbus and my usual TV series. I wanted to write but somewhat it didn't feel right to do so right now. Maybe I didn't wanna face reality that soon.

Sometimes, for all the reasons we might think of, it actually didn't need any reason to do the little things we wanted to do. And there ain't anything to be worry of. Maybe I am on a lighter mood just to have you around somehow. Walking by the beach, enjoying the breeze, over looking the city lights by the bay, having a little picnic and just talking about absolute crap. But it just felt right.

Exactly one month from now. It marks the 4th year of me remembering the birthday we spend by the bay. And 10 days after, it was all a "used to be" for us. I didn't see how things as they were that time. But there was some good in that goodbye. I can't say till this very day I don't miss you cuz I do. But when goodbye came, it was just a time when the world felt like everything doesn't matter any more.

Well, year after year, the heart will somehow just settle down and we let life back in. And I am glad I did it even it was a slow painful process. No matter where we are, no matter who we would become, everyone deserved to be happy. As for me now, I couldn't be more grateful for everything I have. We don't have to live the way we use to be.

I really have no idea why am I feeling all melancholy tonight. Maybe just seeing you here makes everything feels right. I can't ask for anything more than what I have right now. A memory that changed everything I have and no matter what comes my way right now, I couldn't complaint about anything more. I have you, and it was right. 


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