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Sunday, May 5, 2013

Reblog - Say No To Ugly Malaysians

I read this wonderful written post from a blogger I have been following for a while now. And what really make me realize I am actually not the only one who thinks that way. But anyhow, it is really perfectly voiced out and I wanna share it with you guys. Sometimes I wish Blogger is like Tumblr. Could just easily reblog it to share it. But anyway, Kudos!! I really felt this is what many are becoming. No one finds fact and all any more. But anyhow, for a better constitution, a better future, no matter who wins, the final product is we wanted our country to be better. Still, after casting my votes, I am not gonna say which side I am with but lets just all wish for a better Malaysia. 

Hope you guys enjoy reading this as much as I do. Say No to UGLY Malaysians!

Sunday, May 5, 2013

Say no to ugly Malaysians

Elections are supposed to be the beacons of democracy. But today (and during the past few weeks), I have witnessed acts and events that make me cringe. It is as though most Malaysians have lost their rational thinking and behaviour. What I always thought as a lovely bunch of people are now openly paranoid, racist, gullible, foolish and worst, full of hatred for fellow Malaysians.

Regardless which side you support, let’s face it. Both parties have and are still :
- Spreading lies and half truths
- Engaging in money politics and corrupt practices
- Making racist statements
- Spewing populist policies which make no economic sense
- Inciting hatred against the opponents
- Grossly hypocritical and practise double standards

On voting day, you all have seen how evil and paranoid some people have become. Beating up people simply based on their skin color or facial features. Harassing people simply because they carry a flag or wear a certain shirt. On social media, rumor mongering is simply unrelentless – many of them outrageous (yet they are many buyers).

I can understand if some of the ugly acts are committed by brainless hardcore party supporters. However these acts are not being done by just a rare few. Many Malaysians are indulging in them.

On what is supposed to be a beautiful day for democracy, I am witnessing plenty of ugliness.

I hope, you, my readers, will be a lot more responsible and demonstrate to the world that the ugly Malaysians are a rarity and that the majority of Malaysians are peace loving beautiful people.

Say no to rumors
Say no to racism
Say no to corruption
Say no to violence
Say no to ugly Malaysians

Regardless which political party or candidate wins or losses, we collectively have to ensure that Malaysia wins.

BN can lose. PR can lose. But Malaysia must WIN


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