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Thursday, May 16, 2013

'You Set Me Free' Single Cover Revealed!

Angie Miller may not have made it into the final two on American Idol, but she will be releasing her first single “You Set Me Free” this evening!

After a great run on "American Idol" she was shockingly eliminated last week from the Top 3 ladies left. She had been a frontrunner all season and never in the bottom two, so most people thought she was a shoe in for the finale.

However, since her elimination last week, she hasn't slowed down at all. Her twitter and instagram have been full of dance and studio pictures, as well as hanging with Kree and Candice as they prepare for the finale.

Angie was shockingly eliminated last week, but we are so glad to see she already is releasing her music for her fans!

These are her tweets earlier last night.

“Ok, bad news first, I will no longer be singing #YouSetMeFree at the finale tomorrow :( ….” Angie tweeted. “…. And the GOOD NEWS!!! #YouSetMeFree will be RELEASED on #iTunes TOMORROW NIGHT!!!!! AHHHHH!!!! Sooo crazy!!! Get PUMPED!!! =D”

WILL YOU BUY Angie Miller’s song “You Set Me Free”? I know I definitely will. She has been my favorite all season.


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