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Saturday, May 11, 2013

A Simple Melody

I know recently I have been obsessing with my post on aviation and tv series. But do pardon me if you guys gets annoyed by it. It's just something I rather love doing. Well, at least I won't be doing that now. Just gonna rant and rant till I annoyed more people. Hahahhaa...

But anyhow, as many of you already knew that music is more than life to me. And I realize one little beautiful thing about it. As I bet many of you have already watched the season finale of Glee - All or Nothing. Lea Michele did a beautiful rendition of Celine Dion's To Love You More. I'm not saying that who is better or anything. It is Celine Dion we are talking about here. And Lea has an amazing powerful voice. Even sometimes her character in Glee is a little annoying. But that isn't the point.

Did you guys realize the song that Celine and Lea has done? It is as powerful as it gets when it comes to Celine Dion. But the thing about Lea's cover is the amazing arranger behind that score. I find that he or she is a really smart person. We know that no one would come near to Celine Dion, but how to make an impact that will soiled into our heads. "Key Change!" In Lea's version, she did an amazing key change in the last chorus. Well, I know that it kinda doesn't make sense, or doesn't matter or its utterly crap to most, well... Just saying. Kudos! They did get that impact that they intend Lea to do.

Well, that little peace I can get during this tough times is music. I finish writing the 3rd song for Cow's upcoming album early next year. Hopefully could write more to get featured in her album. I told Andrew few months back that I am not writing for her this time round, but yeah, I finally cave in and giving in to her request. I needed the money anyway. And inspiration is kinda on my side these few weeks.

Okay, some scoops on her album, hmm.. a little country, and of course with her signature pop rock edge, dark side twist and a little more personal compare to her previous record. I know... nothing that you don't know about. But whoever wanted the first view of her songs, as long as you have $12 million for me to pay up the infringement, I surely will pass it to you right now. Hahaha.. But if you really wanna know something, I posted one of the song lyrics on my blog in the past few months. So... Hahha... dig it up if you can.

The more I am writing now, the more I get my head out of a lot of things. And I do seriously needed that break. I held back at many points and I just wish that don't have to do so sometimes. And I will stop here. Don't really wanna get there right now. On the whole, spending time with love ones, and doing things you love sometimes just gives you a sense of completeness. And yes, somehow I am. And this beautiful song represents me perfectly on how I feel right now. It's a good weekend and it's gonna be good. Wishing all of you out there the same.

And I really wanna thank all my besties and friends who put in the effort for Howard Beach New York Relay For Life donations. You guys were generous with you love and care. From all who are being diagnose by cancer, we really thank you so much for this. Even it was just $1. I am thankful you guys did this for me. It really meant so much. I couldn't describe how much I am grateful to all of you. We have raised $55,642.01 so far! And less than a month to go! Really thankful for everyone that showed all the love and effort towards this fight for cancer. Keep the love coming. If you guys could, check my page out.


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