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Saturday, May 4, 2013

Boeing Set To Launch 777X at Paris

The manufacturer is believed to have been given go-ahead by its board to begin selling a new version of its long-range 777 jetliner with a formal launch likely at the Paris Air Show next month.

Analyst Saj Ahmad said: “In giving defacto approval to go out and actively market the 777X family, one key driver behind it, Emirates, is safe in the knowledge that they will get as many preferential delivery slots as they can.

“It's clear that Boeing has listened to Emirates ahead of others in order to accelerate the twin 777-8X and 777-9X family; initial launch was not due until next year, but with pent up demand as well as airlines showing disdain for the smaller Airbus A350-1000, whose orders will be threatened, especially at Emirates and Etihad, Boeing has moved to develop these new jets that aim to be bigger, with a new wing, more fuel efficient engines and will also place immense pressure on the slow selling A380 too.

“Given the delays on the baseline A350-900, Qatar Airways is acutely aware that is first stretched A350-1000 won't arrive in 2017. Boeing hopes to capitalise on this with the bigger 777-9X with service entry just before the end of the decade. Arab airlines have made no secret of the fact that they want the 777X,”
Boeing spokeswoman Karen Crabtree declined to comment on any board matters, but said: "We have made great progress in our development work and have begun to discuss additional technical, pricing and schedule details with customers regarding the 777X."

While this is only authority to offer, a full industrial launch may come as soon as the Paris Air Show in a few weeks - although it may well be formally launched with a hefty order from Emirates at the Dubai Air Show."
The new 777X is likely to be offered in two or three versions with a longer body, carbon-fibre composite wings and GE engines.


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