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Sunday, May 12, 2013

The A350 Winglets

The A350 XWB winglets have become the more visible difference and the identity brand of the aircraft in the first comparisons made before the first flight. They are designed to achieve the best aerodynamic performance so they contribute to reduce the fuel consumption.

Developed, tested and manufactured in composite by Austrian Tier1 FACC, they are 2.3m wide at the basis and 2m high.

FACC team is also in charge of the full scale tests (both static and dynamic) for resilience, fatigue and endurance, up to mechanical failure.

The winglets are painted before installation on the aircraft allowing the Customer an early visual identification of the aircraft (as with the Vertical Tail Plane).

The A350 XWB winglets are painted in a new facility at Clément Ader site (Toulouse) before fixing to the 32-metre wing with about 80 fasteners.

For MSN1, the winglets have been customized with a nice gradation of Airbus-blue which has required a special mix of colours, a real work of art for the painters.


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