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Monday, April 30, 2012

A Sad Thing To Witness

I think it is pretty sad in a way to see what goes around in the scene of music here in Malaysia. To be honest, I feel sad for them but there ain't anything I gotta do. In many ways, I felt somehow blessed with how my parent really brought me up to be me today. Not having the grudge and keep all the negative energy in me. Somehow, I guess patience is the key. I got some great news that I haven't shared out with the world yet. I promise it will be soon. I am waiting to go home and take a picture with it and share it with you guys. I guess this is the highest achievement I have ever had in my entire career.

So far, things are moving really well for me. I have already booked my tickets back to the States, and I really can't wait to go home. So much need to do for renovation and all. But the time will come. I have to just stay put on what I am doing. I am still focusing on getting Oz to the final show. Thankful for the kind words and support shown from my friends. A really great support from MK and the gang. I am so glad to see you and sweetie with Shinigami. So glad you guys came even though a wedding dinner and a rally was going on. Thank you so much for everything.

The show was getting better and better until tonight. For the past few nights on the finale song, I thought it was merely just human mistakes. But tonight, it became obvious that the chords are wrong and all. As usual, I suck it up and wanted to get ready for another blast. But what was really sad was that when I was on the way back to the Taxi stand with the others musicians, and I knew from them that the mistakes was on purpose. And the person admitted it that it was intentional. I was really stuck by it and I don't know how to react. I was really disappointed and thorn down with those words. I was asking one thing to myself, is it wrong that I was taking things too personal earlier and I felt bad about it? My answer is no. This is what passion really drives a person. I do not know and I am not saying that the level of passion towards this. But in many ways, I guess it is a learning process for me. 

Looking back 10years ago, when I started off with my journey, I think I would say I do not know how do I really survive it. But I did. Taking everything in even though it was totally against me. It was a good learning process on this. It takes a lot of courage and patience. To the event I will share with you guys soon, it took me 10 freaking long years. Being exposed and doing all this. I say, it is worth the wait. I know when my parents called me to inform me when the letter was sent to them. That tone within them was beyond a proud parent could give a son. 

I know being in the music industry is not an easy job. Taking the responsibility even though you got nothing to do with it. Yes, we are being misunderstood all the time. Yes, we are being taken in the weirdest way of people don't care at all. I know how it feels. But just being patient. It is not that I do not care about this. But this is what I need to hold on to. When sometimes you are at the top, you gotta suck everything in and take it like a man. Yes, in the most unfair way. I still remember what happen 8 years ago. But looking at myself now, I am kinda glad that I was patient enough to hold on to it. It pays off everything. 

I know it is really a sad thing to see what happen tonight, but what can I do? Tell her not to? The thing is would she listen? To be in show biz, it is a lot of things that is happening sometimes. But we gotta really suck it all up and take it in. It is a learning process. Or is it that the generations had changed? I am not comparing who is superior. But everything is a learning process in life. It is sad to see when they don't take what they are given the chance to shine. I don't know what is really wrong with what they see. This is not like what they think it is. An easy way and a step towards fame. If it was for fame, I would say I am disappointed that I saw the wrong thing in them. I really know how good they can be. But not how good you could tear others down. I know yes, some of the players weren't playing as long as they did. But one thing for sure, to be what they are during the show, it was all hard work and effort to what they are doing. Would thank Venus for coming all the way down from Alor Setar just to do the show for me. The mellow sound that you have was amazing. Good work and I do really see passion that is burning from inside. And to my best buddy Byron too. I know sound quality wise you are getting better and better but to play what you did wasn't something which takes just do it this way. Thank you all for the effort and hard work.

I do not know what will happen but tomorrow night show is extremely important. Our VVIP guest is a fan of art. Since young he supported schools and the achievement of music are to be celebrated by him and his wife. I know I won't be able to say a thing to him tomorrow, but because of you, I have the chance to meet Mr Mitsuo Nonami. Who is a great mentor to me. He gave me all the opportunity in life and to be where I am now. Without him, I would be no one today. Maybe just a sales person.I hope I will be at the best ever condition to give my all tomorrow. I just wish the others would do the same as this musical is something that would really change their path in music. I am glad of all the effort and work I have put in. This is not something to show others what I have done. But to myself. Whenever I walk pass someone who talk about the show, it really put a big smile on me when they were talking about the finale. 

I guess this is life. Just have a little faith, and the results will kinda soar itself. I am glad I was given this chance by my angel to do this. Even now, we were not really talking and I know the pressure she was under and all. I do understand all the actions she have done. I know I am just gonna take it all up and learn as I did for the past decade. I am still grateful and happy when everything goes on. They will be my wings to fly. Music isn't a thing that fame would come. It will never. It is the passion that makes a difference. It is 330am and I just got in not long ago. Time for bed now. Good night world. Gonna sleep with a big smile.


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