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Thursday, April 5, 2012

Relived Moments of the Past

Taking a step back today reliving moments of the past. I switch on my old Samsung Omnia phone and read back all the text and emails from once those I have dated in the past. I realized I don’t regret dating any of them. No matter how it ended, when it was the good times, it was the best of times. They were amazing & they treated me like a King. I learned alot from them. I am learning now not to see what I have lost but what I have gain. To be me today, because of all that had happen, I am happy to be where I am.

Having someone I love and love me, having great friends, having family to support me from beginning till the end, having old friends to help me out when I needed their assistance. I am honestly grateful how my life has turn to be. Looking back today last year, I was a hopeless drug addict who nearly gave up life. But now, clean from drugs, the courage to come back to Malaysia for a long break, coping with my condition. I know that the only thing I will regret is letting those down who always have faith in me.

In this moment in my life, I think I got the most support and love through out my entire life. From really close bitches to friends of friends, I got mails, phone calls, text and all saying how proud they are with my achievement. Venturing in to different field in the music scene. I am so blessed with love. I wanna take this opportunity to thank you one of my great angels. Nell. She has been really inspiring. I know sometimes others may not understand why is she pushing me so hard on some things that she wanted. At times when I was sick and all, even I doubted myself but she kept her faith in me. Keep on pushing me on and on till what we have now.

Wizard Of Oz now is at the last phase of rehearsals. I have exactly one week to get the musicians ready for the show. Even some musicians bailed out at the last point, I am glad with the support of old friends from the band, you guys make this happen for me. Stood up at the first point to give me the assistant. I am truly grateful with all the love you guys shared. Even to my biggest bitch in life, Thank you for that stupid April fool joke. Made me happy for nothing! But I still love you very much!

Mr D, I wanna extend my love and gratitude towards believing in me. From the writing part to the very end of the production. I wouldn't dare to even start believing that I could make all this happen without you giving me all the support. Shinigami San as well, no matter where you are, your love and support reaches me whenever I needed you to be around. You inspire me that I can do this. Cornflakes, Cow Mr G. and Batman, you guys were all out with me. Not just the support, being my inspiration, being my rock, being my logistic and all. You guys keep pushing me knowing I need it. To MK, I know I have been delaying my time to meet up with you and passing the CDs and talk about what we are passionate of - Music. But your support and passion helps me to drive myself harder and higher. It is always warm to get a mail with your warm wishes and support. Thank you so much.

The last person I really wanna thank is James. Without you giving me this chance to fly, I never would know that I could be more than being in the commercial field. You made me that man I am today. You loved me like no one ever did, and made me know I wanna be way better than what I was back then. With what I am going through in life now, nothing will stop me to take on and try new things in life. I relived the moments we use to have and great things we have done. I know where I will be heading towards. Thank you for making me a better man. Making me the man I am today. My love and good wishes will always be with you. Grateful our path crosses in the past.



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