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Sunday, April 22, 2012

Closed Doors

Let lose of hell brought the angels of darkness within
With a cause that bringing the light when rays are faint
I hope it rains and I know after that I would see where the rainbow would bring a smile
The dark clouds were storming amongst themselves
A war of angelic lights begin, I only stood there seeing the moonlight fade away
In so many ways, I lost myself within the labyrinth
I do not know where I was any more. Am I still lost within the sharp walls of it?
I know it doesn't matter any more. I just have to keep walking on within.

When the bleeding stops, the river has turn to ruby red
Would I be able to look at my own reflection? The fatal rush of the bleeding petals were seen.
An unseen future lies, I was to bringing myself up and holding on to the beautiful land where I always dreamed of. But is it a place where it truly existed? I don't know. But the journey has been taken.
From the heart that kept beating to a half life which I was living.
I knew that the only reason for me to be walking down is always the same one.
A silhouette, shadows of love ones standing far at the horizon,
I know it was the right path. But where are the way of the path?
Standing in from of the same sea.

With the fading light above, the shadows of lifeless souls in the rushing waters
I look at the point of standing above the beauty of a melody in my head
Should I or should I not try to hold them up
Are they still alive? A world of unrealistic hopes begin to show.
A part of me holding with the voice within and the soul would cling on the words and move ahead
Having to say that nothing else would be real any more.
It was just me looking for the bright skies that lingers within a dream.


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