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Monday, April 23, 2012

Another Chapter

As time passes, it felt nothing really matters, putting myself outside and see, life is really beautiful and it is a blessing sometimes. When things unfold slowly, I kinda find that part of me will stay on. A beautiful melody playing behind my mind. I guess this is just part and parcel of life that we have to take. At 5am in the morning, I just got home after having a great company. I find that sometimes, when things slowly shows, I stood apart and smiling back. I am grateful how my family has brought me up.

After days of treatment and emotion turmoil, I finally see what the beauty Mr D said to me. It is just make sense. Sometimes, we have to do is really don't do anything. I am honestly glad to be at my own grounds. The beauty of love and and giving does brings back more than what we give. I will only say when things fall back into me, it will be greater than anything. For some reason, I know it isn't grace. Timing is everything.

I have to thank Cornflakes tonight. Me and a friend of mine were stranded. But the beauty part slowly unfold. How would I put this down in words? It was like standing at a point where you were soaking wet in the rain. Life could be fragile. And it seems around is hard to find. We could be hurt by love and heal by the same. I would say I am slowly healing. Time was the only thing when you can't find anything to hold on to.

A lot of things that matters to me slowly doesn't seem anything any more. And it is a good thing. A lot of times, things slowly show what you could give. A beautiful part of the heart we put it down. In words, or a melody. I believe in love. I believe what I do is right. A long memory slowly open up my view. And from what Cornflakes says it true. It takes time. Listening to what I feel and it will not lead me down the wrong way.

For others, it really doesn't matter any more. I know time will tell what it will be. Life is beautiful as it is. Soon, it will be just a mere memory of mine. Without any regrets. I know what I put in to is true and the only justification is me myself. In few more days, I know when you listen to that piece, you would know what I was trying to convey to you all this time. It is just better to put it into a melody than just words.

I look now at myself, knowingly that it is right. My remaining time is too little to be put into just pain and sorrows. I will live on with love and the beauty of it. It is till the 8th of May. I will be home. Back to where I really belong. This is just a beginning of another chapter in my life.


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