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Saturday, April 7, 2012

Pleasant Surprise

Due to a promise to keep the identity of this wonderful person, I will mention this soul with Mr XY.

I somehow am really touch with what has Mr XY blog on his birthday.
I realize sometimes, just being able to do something different once a while would make or break someone's day.

Honestly, I am really touched with what you wrote. Sometimes having a little faith is all it takes to changes someone's lousy day to an awesome great one. Sitting down and thinking of it, sometimes, all we gotta do is just instead of ignoring, just a little effort, we can really change these barbs into some love to the world. It really touches me that knowing with a little effort in life, we can make these changes.

I started off yesterday to make that change in life that I need to reconnect to all that I cared and love.

Firstly was with Mr D. I hope he is all well today. I was suppose to be with him yesterday but somehow he was into some minor accident and all. I do not really know what are the things he is going through at the moment, but I felt something is somehow bothering him. Even reading the tweets and all. I know you are going through a rough time. And you always wanted to figure things out yourself. I know things are not easy for you at this moment in life. But have a little faith in yourself. Things will go well. It is just how you will be able to go through life beautifully. I know you can. I know you needed space and all, but when you are ready, I want you to know I am here with you. Always.

I also just realize Cornflakes is currently not in town. Which I felt so stupid that I should have known. But I know you will always be there. Yes its some tough time, but I think I am able to get things right at this moment. Just needed to work it out. We are in this together.

A few minor changes in my musicians in hand. I am still trying to find the balance in the sound created. Honestly, I have a very strong line up for horns. But the thing now is to get all of them ready for the runs by next week. I am glad to have a few pros to help me out here. And thankful to have a great protoge who is always there up for new challenges and with his hard work and effort, I know I am expecting great things from you in the future.

In another way, I maybe over sensitive or I am having insecurities in myself or just purely medication effects my emotions. I felt like somehow many are kinda doubting what I am capable of. I can't deny that something when things goes the other way round it happens. But I know I can. This Friday is judgement day. I will make it right. I know I will.


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