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Monday, April 16, 2012

The Right Thing?

The living world is always a harsh place to be. But there aren't any other way to change this fact. When sometimes looking around and observing what are the things in life, we know what are the things are going on in life. How would people be and take things. From advice to advice then became a killing machine. But I am still not giving in to what others do and what I should do to them philosophy. 

When people are at rage, I don't blame them for what they are going through. It is something that normal people will do and that is their emotions. I use to be a slave of rage. I know it takes time to make it right. What I really don't understand was sabotaging others. I can't see that point of having them to try to make us look bad. We are as a team in whole but what is the matter of trying to making things look really bad. Is it because that to show you are capable to taking one down by words? 

I strongly believe in whatever good we do, good will always come back to us. I should say that I am blessed with a really strong bond with me team. But the things I see and hear are not just have to be me to be present. It is really sad sometimes to see things which is done by others wrongly is being accounted to another party. I felt imbalance of this world. One of my players is facing something like this. She is good just she doesn't realize she is. And it wasn't her mistakes at times when everyone is yelling at her. But we take it as a team. We won't be pointing any fingers at anyone. If it is a real mistake, the whole team is at fault. 

To be honest, the real mistake was having someone with us who thinks that has a more superior place. Yes, you may be close to the higher position people in the play. But you have forgotten that we need to stay as a team. Informed that we need to start at 9am but came in at 11am. Making mistakes and not playing the parts because not being sure. We schedule it earlier so that we are able to help each other and have runs but refuses. Without notice. And all the things happening around is pointing fingers at others saying this is wrong or this is not done this way. As a team, we do not wanna be what you are. Still when the yelling is going on, we did not even pointing any fingers.

Sometimes these are the things we gotta do to stay in a team. As I told my two assistant, protect the team, and they will get the result to you. There aren't personal interest. All of us playing an important part in the whole orchestra. We have one sound, one band. The songs aren't like the previous songs that are done. Look at the layers of sound we are producing. Look at the intensity that is in the scores. Yet we know we are unable to let others understand what we are going through. The whole team will fall if we really don't stand together. I have decided to release one of the trumpet players who is the bad apple of the team. Missing in action and the commitment level is so low. Even I wanna have faith in him but it is just not the time. If the team goes down with him, I will be accounted for that.

I really don't know what I am writing this. Maybe this is the only place I find where people won't judge me yet understood the goal of being a team player. To some point, maybe not all will ever understood. As normal human nature prevails of keeping their own asses alive. I wish I could be. With the advice from someone who loves me and care. I know you wanna protect me and wanted me to do this with joy. Maybe it is something I have to be responsible of. My 2 children are there. They will be easily being controlled. I will have to just overcome this. I have my own stand. Because of a certain somebody who wants to control what we are and changing the scores and all. I will not just give in. My angel told me before that this would happen and I gotta take charge. Even though now, things are not as what it is, she has a lot in her mind now, I just gotta do what she wanted. I know one day, when all of this is over, she will see what we have put ourselves with what we believe. 

To one of my child, I don't know you may even read this or not, but remember what I have taught you. Have faith in yourself. Don't let others drive you as what they wanted. We did this together as a team. You know you gotta protect your sister like I did for both of you. Look back at the good times we had. This is it. 2 more weeks and we are at the end of this journey. It has to be perfect. I put myself on the line just to make this right. Now the baton is given to you. I have so much faith in you that you gonna make this great. I have lost mine. Don't ever let that happen to you. With all that I have now in life, you know the only thing will make me proud is you to shine. The ultimate thing I wanted in life is simple, and you know I don't care about whatever it is. All I ever cared for is make good music and share it with the world. This is it. We have done everything we could. The songs we have done are great pieces. Now it is just time to polish and make it right for them.


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