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Saturday, April 7, 2012

Kids Barred from upper-deck of MAS Superjumbo

MALAYSIA Airlines is discouraging children from the upper deck of the double-decker Airbus A380 aircraft, in a controversial move that could upset parents travelling with young children.

The national carrier has told travel agents in a circular that children below 12 years of age would not be allowed to sit in the upstairs economy section of the 494-seater superjumbo that is joining the MAS fleet in June.

MAS will have 66 business class seats and 70 economy class seats on the upper deck and eight first class and 350 economy class seats on the main deck. The A380s will be deployed for the popular Kuala Lumpur-London route beginning July 1, followed by a Kuala Lumpur-Sydney flight on Sept 25.

No reasons were given but sources said the move was intended to allow business class travellers to have a more restful journey. Defending the move, MAS said the main deck had more suitable facilities for travelling families.

In a statement released yesterday, MAS said the move was part of its efforts to position its economy class on the main deck as a designated family and children-friendly zone.

The main deck, for example, will have eight toilets configured for its 350-seat economy class, and the dual aerobridge airport facility, allowing for faster boarding and disembarkation, it said.

"Nevertheless, if there is overwhelming demand for seats in economy class from families with children and infants, resulting in full load in the main deck, we will still accommodate such demand in the 70-seat upper deck economy class zone of our A380."

According to a MAS representative, fares for upper and main decks would not differ.

Last year, MAS banned babies from flying in the first class section of its 747-400 aircraft after many complaints of crying infants.

This bold move has attracted both criticism and praise; some parents feel as if they are now being discriminated against and deserve every right to travel in the upper deck should they want to but it seems that a larger portion of the public seems to be applauding this move in favour for a more relaxing flight. What do you think?


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