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Monday, April 9, 2012


I found myself enclosing to a point where I couldn't barely understood why.
Feeling the whole world crumble right in front of me.
I didn't think of running or hiding at all.
Standing there alone welcoming the fallen to take me within.

Being at point of tears that non could understood
Feeling I am being thorn apart by the hands of the green devil.
I held up my chin and kept in silence.
I oversee that nothing I would do to slice out the heart that was kept beating

Closing my eyes, I remember someone I love told me.
"It will be over soon, hold on."  That voice kept repeating in my mind.
My tears would not let go of the walls behind.
Wondering would it be enough to drown me.

Waiting for the bombs explodes, I held up my chin once more welcoming the devil
A fight must be perform on this ritual? Or should I welcome it with love?
I only have one shot. And it is the only bullet that I am left with.
I walked into a room where it was just darkness surrounds me.

Walking forward towards where my foot stood on,
A ray of light was at the end of the room, a table arise and there was a gun I saw
A game of Russian Roulette? Just one bullet and to see the last one standing.
With all the faith I have held on till today, took up the pistol.

And it was where I wanted to be. It was always there for me to know.
The world would never see and understood, But this was the last shot I have.


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