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Thursday, April 12, 2012


Taking some time down for myself at the moment to write up something I have been observing among younger generations nowadays. It is pretty sad to see many don't really practice part of actions. It really disturbed me and wonder how and why is this happening around.

The most simple example. Greetings. I guess no matter who we are meeting or come across, even to those we never met before, A simple hello, good morning or whatever it takes is essential. Many doesn't really care nowadays to be honest. I really wonder why is it so hard for them to open up their mouth to just greet. Would it even killed them to do so?

Table manners. Sometimes, clearing off what we have on the plate and get up and clear up our own is very very important. To me at least it is. At some point, do kids nowadays have personal maid to make them that way? Or how is this possible to expect others to clear off their plates  and just move along. And thanking the person who brings the food to the table is extremely important to me. I don't know and can't understand why is this even happening. Kinda speechless to actions of this kinds.

Another thing is being considerate. I am not saying that I need this from all those around me. But I have to say I am pretty blessed to have them with me to understand and knowing what am I going through. But in recent observations, many doesn't even care about how others may be handling things. When I pick up the phone thinking to call up somebody, I have a few considerations before having anything I do. First, will the other party be busy working? or will be the other party be working late last night and still be asleep? or even is the other party is at the mist of going through something with the family or something.

It is kinda sad sometimes to see how the society changed. I wonder when wrong somewhere. Is it the education? or is it even the growing stage of life that being fed with a silver spoon? Honestly I do find individuals born below the year of 1986 are still fine. Even my own brother is this way. Which I really do not know why and can't possibly understand. I know that my brother is being pampered more in the family. But with my parents method of upbringing us, it is not what being taught at home. Society? Ego? I really don't know. Still wondering why. Kids in the 90s are pretty different. It is just those in between.

By the way, this is nothing against discrimination of any form. Just something to talk about and discuss. It is somehow just something I kept asking why is it like this.


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