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Saturday, April 7, 2012

A Prayer For You Always

Partially awake, partially asleep,
I see you smiling in a distant place.
I went leaping towards you, leaping with joy
And the breeze swept me towards you.
Feeling every step on the green grass,
The rain drops on my face.
Even Heaven is tearing with joy for me.
A celebration begins.

Walking towards you, I see that beautiful eyes of yours.
Taking every step nearer and nearer,
Fearing I would frighten you away. But your smile were ever that warm.
I hold my breathe, smiling back and trying to take that step of the very last few.
My wary arise but you were still ever warming me with that smile.
I look down, told myself - Go on, just a few more steps.

Standing in front of you, I realise you were still smiling,
But it was just a reflection of a mirror.
Were you behind that mirror? I can't lean forward to see.
Looking at that reflection, I touches the mirror.
Ripples growing at the point of my touch.
Holding my head down, close my eyes,
I put my hand in to hold a pair of cold hands behind the mirror.
I didn't see what I wanna see or suppose to see.

Having that little faith in myself,
Holding your hands. I wanted to walked into that mirror.
But it wasn't a place meant for me nor you wanted me there.
Holding your hands, I have a little more faith within myself.
Praying everyday for your well-being and health.
I may not be there always, but you know I wanted to very badly.
I pray for a little strength from the power above.
Give me more time to share my life with this beautiful soul.
I wish I could bring more joy and love to this soul.
I know this is not mine ultimately but I wanna give more to this soul
I know you deserve more than anyone I know in my life.
I know you meant even more than anything to me in my life.
This prayer will always stay on for you.
And I would never let go of this cold pair of hands till the very last breath I would take.


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