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Sunday, April 8, 2012


Choices are very common thing that we take everyday. But what are the right choices and what are not the right choices to take? I am trying to breathe in what I am going through at this moment. Don't take me wrong. I am not complaining.

Taken a different path now in life, things are challenging but the outcome is slowly to show. I know I am being blessed by many angels in life. Today I had a few friends surprise all the musicians with some doughnuts after practice. Happy that it brings so much joy to the team. I am still in the mist of getting a tuba. I am seeking everywhere for a tuba now. A life tuba makes a big difference in all of the songs. But I will have to work with what I could come out for. I may be travelling up north the next few days to collect one if I couldn't get any in KL. A choice I would take for the team. I have a great player with me. I really wish to make this show special for everyone.

Today was a difficult day for me. A lot of things were not right. Mostly minor things. I have settled it with the team and now my whole focus is getting them right for the show. I realize that I have also put up a great woodwinds line up. They are relatively strong. Trombone is inconsistent but I have faith in him. Trumpet also need some work and I believe he could do so too. Now putting on what I have on hand, hoping to get the tuba to have a complete bass line.

Tomorrow will be another tough day. But I am having a lot of faith things will turn out well. The only down turn is I will be heading to the hospital to get myself back into shape. I know that I myself couldn't help to hate this part of me. But I just have to hold on there a little longer. I needed to make it. Everyone will be anticipating for this. I won't abandon my team like this.

I remember at this time few weeks back, I was really down. For the first time I took up my iPad and iMessage Shinigami. For the longest time (I guess) I just broke down and told him everything. I know with all the love around me, things will be well. Maybe I am just tired out and my body isn't working right. I wish I could do more now. But rest is the way to go for a longer journey. I wish I could write more now but my eyes are giving in. Arrived back home just minutes ago. A sudden thought of Mr D. I miss you very much now. Knowing that you would always never fail to put that big smile back on my face. I know you are having a tough time too. Have a little faith, things will be well. You gotta get well and come see the show. You MUST!


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