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Monday, April 9, 2012

The Big Flight

Following the spectacular launch by SpiceJet of their Q400, airlines around the world seem to be acquiring a taste for the benefits brought by a social-media based launch campaign. Today we to take a look at how Malaysia Airlines (MAS) is presenting its brand new A380 to the world.
The airline has launched a campaign called “The Big Flight” where it offers the chance to win a ticket for an joyride on the A380 and be amongst the first to experience the new aircraft.
In order to enter the competition users have to submit a video proving that they can do something special like the YouTube celebrities that took part in the MAS campaign launch. The airline will then shortlist the best videos and the 8 most voted ones will win tickets for themselves and three friends.
This initiative is part of a wider social launch campaign that uses Google+, Facebook, Twitter and YouTube to create sharable content and generate expectation for the launch of the new aircraft.

Expect more great initiatives this year!

While route launches via social media have been popular for sometime now, it seems that “plane launches” will be the big thing in the coming days given the number of A380s and 787s scheduled for delivery to airlines across the world. Due to the novelty factor of these planes (787s a bit more, certainly), we can be sure to expect airlines to cash in on their hype and generate not just favourable buzz online but also use it to fill up their new planes and drive profitable load-factors in the short to medium-term. We can’t wait to see what this year has in store for us!


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