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Saturday, April 28, 2012

A Real Beautiful Moment

Honestly, it was one of the most beautiful day in my life. No matter what is going on doesn't matter at all to me now. I am so blessed with love and care of my love ones and friends. It was the warmest thing that ever happen to me. A great moment in life when it is shared with the one who really matters to me. I am really glad to have such beautiful souls in my life.

I guess now it has been like a habit that I wanna thank those that really really care and love me for who I am. The smile was priceless. And grateful with everything that is happening around me. It was crazy. Special thanks to 3 important souls in my life. Shinigami who drove 4 hours back to KL, MK for always supporting and the great inspiring words, and my sweetie - Ryan! I miss you so much. It is nearly 1 year plus since I last saw you. Thankful to have all the support and love around me.

Special thanks to my mother. Who was working night shift and drove down to KL to see me. Your love and support is ever great. I am thankful for you to give me this life. Daddy, I love you so much too. And stop asking me weird questions! Making me feel awkward doesn't help much! But still thank you so much for everything!

2 shows down. and now it is down with 11 more shows to go. Arriving home at 1am and lying down taking time to write this. There are really places that could make things better. But with the smile and the support! I am relatively speechless. Thankful for everything that is happening around me. You guys were really great. Mikey and Mr G, you guys were ever supportive. With even the help of logistic and everything! I couldn't have possibly done this without you guys. Thank you for all the love.

I am looking forward for the remaining few shows. Friends from the states and Hong Kong will be coming over. I couldn't do this without all the love around. And Shinigami, you showed me something that I am really lacking. Believing more in myself and patience. I know you were really proud of me and sharing all the love around. Thankful to always have you around me. You are really a sunshine to me. Can't wait for you Booblinda Musical. LMAO!

It is 2 in the morning now, I better stop writing and get some rest. It will be 2 more shows tomorrow. Can't wait for it. Remember to get your tickets. We are selling fast. remaining dates available are now left with 2, 3, 5,and 6th May. Hope to see all of you there. Just follow the yellow brick road. Heading off to bed. Yawn~


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